Smoke, Heat & CO2 Alarms

Beep, beep, beep!!! In England it was announced that after 1st Oct 2015, smoke alarms are to be installed in rented residential accommodation and carbon monoxide alarms in rooms with a solid fuel appliance, these requirements are imposed on the immediate landlord. Failure to comply can result in a £5,000 fine.

While the premises are occupied under a tenancy (or licence) the landlord must ensure that a smoke alarm is equipped on each storey of the premises on which there is a room used wholly or partly as living accommodation. A living room will include a lounge dining room and kitchen as well as a bathroom or toilet. It also includes a hall or landing. This means that a smoke alarm must be provided in working order on each storey.

We recommend fitting a ten year long life tamper proof alarms, otherwise there is a problem of batteries being taken out and not being replaced.

Additionally, landlords must ensure that there is a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in any room that is used partly or wholly as living accommodation which also contains any appliance which burns, or is capable of burning, solid fuel. This would include log and coal burning stoves and open fires, even if they are not normally in use, but does not include gas and oil boilers. If an open fireplace is purely decorative and not useable then it is not covered by the regulations.

Gas is not a solid fuel and so there is no requirement to fit one near a gas boiler. It is still advisable as best practice however.

To help landlords and managing agents to avoid any such issue we can install each required alarm. We supply and fit FireAngel smoke and heat alarms with a 10 year life and carbon monoxide alarms which come with a 7 year life.

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