In this very competitive rental market, first impressions are extremely important when showing potential tenants around your property. This is also a great opportunity to set the standard high for tenants in terms on cleanliness and general up-keep of the property. We take a look at what preparations you should make:

Approaching the Property

This is the first view of the property your potential tenants will be greeted with therefore, you need to pay close attention to some specific areas to start to make a good first impression:

  • Clean windows and doors, also give them a fresh coat of paint if they need it.
  • Manoeuvre rubbish bins and rubbish out of sight.
  • Give the garden a good tidy up, cut the grass and hedges if needed.
  • Try to repair any holes, cracks or other blemishes in the drive or walls.

Inside the Property

  • Clean thoroughly throughout the property, focusing on carpets, floors, surfaces and windows etc.
  • Try to minimize furniture and unnecessary objects or non-essential items such as paperwork. This will make the property more presentable and spacious.
  • Make sure there are no unpleasant smells or odours in the property by leaving plenty of time for air to ventilate the property or even create some subtle pleasant smells, like baking a cake!
  • Decorate rooms if required, even a lick of paint can dramatically improve the appearance of a room or hallway.
  • Tidy away any excessive personal belongings from open display.
  • Make sure everything works like lights and fixtures like cupboards close properly.

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